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This is a great experiment of combining the great sport of football and blockchain.

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Withdraw up to 10,000,000 $SNFT Giveaway
1. The $SNFT Coin airdrop. Connect your wallet(BSC) to claim it.´╝łThe airdrop will start at 10:00, June 21, 2021, UTC time.)
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2. Share your referral link, Earn 5,000,000 $SNFT Coin for each referral
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3. How the $SNFT IAO(Initial Airdrop Offering) event works

This is the world's first exciting experimental IAO (Initial Airdrop Offering) event. Anyone can earn free early tokens by their influence, instead of buying. Share and promote, and then earn more $SNFT Coins :)
a) Airdrop(IAO) total supply 30,000,000,000 (30%) $SNFT
b) Connect to your BSC wallet and you will receive 10,000,000 $SNFT to wallet immediately.
c) Share your referral link and get 5,000,000 $SNFT for each direct referral.(Reward tokens will be issued 48 hours after launch.)
d) The airdrop will be automatically transferred to your wallet via smart contract.
e) Don't forget to add $SNFT to your wallet: 0x5F8A95995B722f5504545d4FFCF5f718788dCBA1
You can only get $SNFT coins via airdrop events. No pre-sale, No pre-mining, No shares for the founding team. We are committed to creating a 100% decentralized tokens.
When more than ten thousand people hold $SNFT coin, we believe $SNFT will be more valuable like $Doge coin.

This is a great revolution

Decentralized NFT platform, specially built for teams and stars. We use the most advanced blockchain technology, hoping to revolutionize the entire industry.

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A great social experiment and a great product.

Everything is built for decentralization.

  • DAO governance

    The entire project is governed by the community. None of us controls.

  • Absolute fairness

    We airdrop tokens to supporters, and the founding team does not hold any tokens.

  • Keep up with the times

    Born for the great sport of football, we just used more advanced blockchain technology.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Change is always great

SuperNft has ambitious goals and meticulous planning.

What's SuperNft?

This is the world's first exciting experimental IAO (Initial Airdrop Product) event. Anyone can get free early tokens through their influence instead of buying them.

What are the characteristics?

SuperNft is the first NFT platform specifically created for football. We will unite many teams and stars to issue NFT products.

When can I trade on the exchange?

We plan to list the Pancake Exchange at 09:00 UTC on June 21th.

What can you do with tokens?

SNFT is the only pass on SuperNft. Holding SNFT can participate in NFT transactions and community governance.

Is SNFT safe?

SNFT is committed to 100% decentralization. There is no pre-sale, no pre-mining, and no shares of the founding team. This means that users have the right to occupy the market 100%.

What is the goal of SuperNft?

We hope to become the most active NFT platform in the football field. Innovate the industry.